Cop app

Name: Joe Yarosh
Why do you want to join Lakeside Police Department? (min 150 words): I want to join because I really like roleplaying as a cop and dealing with civilians and I been a cop for 4 months as a deputy. I think I will be a good person to have in the Lakeside Police Department. I will work with cops and will not be mean to others cops and other civilians. Another reason I want to be a cop is I have not role-played as a cop in a while so I really want to become a cop in the Lakeside Police Department. I see other cops play on servers and It looks really fun to role-play on Lakeside. I really enjoy roleplaying with other people and have fun on arma 3 I have about 500 hours on arma 3 I think this game is really fun to play. There is so much to do as a cop and so much to stop like people breaking laws and being able to stop them is really fun and when civilians do robbery's it is so much fun to stop them.

What skills and improvment can you bring to the Police Department? (min 50 words): I can bring the skill of knowing how to role-play and not just killing people I know how to train because I was a FTO seagant and I know how to patrol and not civ bait. I know how to be a swat because I was a swat deputy for about one month. I know a lot of things about cop.

Do you understand that if you play on civilian and commit crimes that it will result in permanant discharge from PD? Y/N Yes.

(Sign Name here) Joey Yarosh


Joey Yarosh
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