Matthew Bond Staff App

Name:Matthew Bond
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I have been Trial-Staff on Vertigo Network and the highest rank I have ever achieved is Head Admin when I was 9 years old in a server that was pretty good. I worked up the ranks of the staff core not being instantly ranked up to a higher rank. When I worked up the ranks, it was because I was an active member of the community, not some power-hungry staff wanting to get promoted by "arse-licking" the SMT's.
Why should we hire you on as a member of staff? (60 words minimum)
I should be hired as a member of staff as there aren't any staff members part of this community right now. If we can have more people being staff, we can have a safe environment for us to grow and grow bigger with out any negativity in the air. If we have more staff, we can combat this situation and make turn it around.
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