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Applicants Name: Joey Yarosh
Have you ever recieved any form of punishment here in the past? Y/N No

Relevant Experience (60 words minimum) I was a moderator for about 5 months and I learned that it is a really fun think it is a really fun part of the community and it is a really fun job in arma 3 role play servers.But you can not mess around when your doing something or deal with a role play sitiation in arma 3. It is fun to show new poeple around the community and show them and help them while they are role playing in arma 3.   

Why should we hire you on as a member of staff? (60 words minimum)You should hire me because I know what im doing like I said I was a moderator for 5 months on a server. I know when to help and not to help on stupid fights that people will have while role playing In arma 3. Im also is good at handling arma 3 role play while other poeple have problems while they are playing arma 3. 

Is there any info that you would like us to know?No 

Do agree that if any information is found to be incorrect, falsified, or copied from another application, your application may be permanently denied? Y/N  Yes

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Joey Yarosh