Stephen McClain - Staff App

Applicants Name: Stephen McClain
DOB: 11/27/02
Timezone: EST
Have you ever recieved any form of punishment here in the past? Y/N N

Relevant Experience (60 words minimum)

I have previously been a Head Admin, Senior Admin, and Moderator. I have taken leadership classes in the past through my school and worked closely with law enforcement high rankings to see how they oversee their departments. The leadership classes have taught me how to be a better person as a leader and not be too bossy when helping people. I also worked with children at a summer camp and taking a leadership role at that summer job.

Why should we hire you on as a member of staff? (60 words minimum)

I think I should be hired and accepted into the staff team because I work extremely hard. I make sure things are right. I do not disturb RP by saying things such as, "I will ban you if you rob me" or "I will see you in support".  I am a good well rounded individual and I seek to make the RP experience better as a staff member by making sure that all players are treated fairly and just.

Is there any info that you would like us to know?
I hope to do well if I am accepted into the staff team. Thank you

Do agree that if any information is found to be incorrect, falsified, or copied from another application, your application may be permanently denied? Y/N Y

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Stephen McClain