Stephen McClain's LSPD Application

Name: Stephen McClain
DOB: 11/27/02
Why do you want to join Lakeside Police Department? (min 150 words): 

I would like to join the Lakeside Valley Police Department because I believe that I can make a difference. I work bring justice and service to the community. I love to learn new things and I do not mind having to redo training if my higher ups chose to do so. I think as a  Lakeside Valley Police Department officer, I will be able to make a lot of new officer friends and build strong and lasting bonds. I also want to join for the opportunity. I believe that the  Lakeside Valley Police Department is ran extremely well and I would love to participate in something so great. I work hard, I am disciplined, I want to be an enforce, I want to create bonds, I want to work hard, and most of all I want to be an official officer of the  Lakeside Valley Police Department  in Lakeside Valley. Thank you for reading over my application and taking the time to review it.

What skills and improvement can you bring to the Police Department? (min 50 words):

As I said before, I am a extremely hard worker, but I can also have fun too. I know when it is time to be serious when lives are on the line and when it is time to be fun and laugh with some awesome friends Lakeside civilians. I have a great shot, I work well with other people, and I also know how to deal with other people. I was in the boy scouts for a while and learned how to deal with younger and older people. I also am on multiple teams for sports and know how to communicate with others effectively. I have also have had the ranks of; captain, under sheriff, and sheriff on multiple different servers. I have also been high ranking staff on multiple servers before.

Do you understand that if you play on civilian and commit crimes that it will result in permanent discharge from PD? Y/N Y

(Sign Name here) Stephen McClain